Filter Help#

Filtering test results in Ibutsu’s frontend is designed expose SQLAlchemy’s filtering operations to the user. For all filters, the following translation is used:

Ibutsu Filters#


String Name

SQLAlchemy Example




Result.<column> == <value>




Result.<column> != <value>

Does not equal



Result.<column> > <value>

Greater than



Result.<column> < <value>

Less than



Result.<column> >= <value>

Greater than or equal to



Result.<column> <= <value>

Less than or eqaul to




Column in list of potential values




Regex match that column contains value



Result.<column> != None or Result.<column> == None

Column exists and is defined

The information for this table is taken from

Filtering the results/runs tables#

Filtering the results and runs tables is done via select dropdowns that correspond to:

  • column (also called field in the UI)

  • operator (shown with the ‘string name’ in UI)

  • value

Where column is a column on the Run or Result table, operator is one of the string names in the table above, and value is the desired value by which you’d like to filter.

The select dropdowns give several options for column, but it is possible to enter your own column if it is not shown. Just type any desired column.

Note: The available columns are shown in the DB models for Runs/Results. In the BE and FE, metadata is translated to the data column in the DB.

It is also possible to auto-apply a filter by clicking the blue pill labels that appear in the Run/Results table. These will automatically filter results/runs by component or env.

Comma-separated list of filters#

There are two places in the UI where a user is able to enter a comma-separated list of filters:

  • the additional_filters parameter when creating a new widget

  • the Filter field when building a report

These are simple text input components that take a string of comma-separated filters. Here, a user is meant to use the operator in the table above to filter on the appropriate column. Some examples of these filters include:

  • metadata.tags=platform-experience,source=local,summary.passes>10

  • metadata.assignee=jdoe,metadata.exception_name=AssertionError,result=failed